Kuba Rodziewicz

Kuba Rodziewicz is a Polish documentary photographer based in Poland, born in 1991. A graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań. He is currently interested in issues connected with post-soviet countries and ways of finding its new identity. In his works he is mainly interested in looking for a variety of meanings hidden in the landscape.

The question whether Georgia is located on the fringes of Asia or Europe has never had a clear-cut answer. Its vague geographic location in between the continents juxtaposed with the current condition of the country has been in abeyance on the edges of epochs. The project focuses on peripheries, the exploration of marginal, undefined areas of the city in constant transformation – the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. During endless walks around the outskirts and by the observation of seemingly non-important details of its landscape, it is possible to investigate effects of history, economy, geopolitics, or perhaps just another side of chaos.

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