Polina Washington

Polina Washington is a 25 year old photographer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, who was born in Novgorod the Great town. She graduated as a Director of Photography from the University of Cinema and Television in 2014. She had been shooting analog 35mm film over 10 years, and spent 5-6 of them working with multiple exposure and soaking techniques for her Dvrkvisions series. This work defined the author as a visual artist and photographer. “Solution” became a completely different series for Polina – a new page in a contemporary direction.


The idea of “Solution” series appeared as an attempt to focus on details in a daily life.
After around 2.5 million years that homo sapience had been living on Earth, it’s impossible to percept Nature without humanity and all the influence that was exerted on it. United symbiosis of people’s and Nature’s art represents a new sort of Universe architecture. But this kind of art is a compromise, first of all, intending ruthless using of environmental resources, unwarranted indifference and ignorance to each alive form. But if the question about “who will win” – human or Nature, depends on the simplest fact, that humanity won’t live a day without Nature, we can’t say the same about Nature – looks like it will perfectly survive and bloom with no people around. But anyway this union still exists and has way on to something. First of all, it’s about a necessity to percept Nature not only in it’s “virgin” condition but including that fact, that we are all together a part of something bigger. Our nature, environment – is a reflection of our time, as much as an architecture. “Solution” is an attempt to see symbiosis of Nature and people, without asking a question do we deal well with our resources and wealth. It’s a visual contemplation about the spirit of our time and us.

To view more of Polina’s work please visit her website.