Robby Toles

Robby Toles is a photographer interested in the landscape and it’s relationship between people, time, and place. He received his BFA with University of North Texas in 2016. After graduating, he completed a project and internship at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin, Ireland. His photographs have been included in various exhibitions, including “Continuance” at UNT on the Square and “Apex” at the Panhandle House in Denton, Texas. He is also a recipient of the Clare Hart Degolyer Memorial Fund, awarded by the Dallas Museum of Art. Toles lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

The Guided Tour

In “The Guided Tour” Robby Toles investigates the barrier between the defined route and taking an independent path. By exploring the Irish landscape beyond the postcard vistas along the coast, he questions the perceived value of exotic views in the landscape. In this series, Toles partakes in the 2,500 km Wild Atlantic Way tourist route along the western coast of Ireland. Looking at the promoted landscape marketed for tourism and sight-seeing, the project includes the fourteen main points advertised as well as his trip between each of them. He’s interested in the experience the guided route provides as it simultaneously embraces the landscape and limits the viewer from beyond.

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