João Pedro Machado

In 2011, when his interest in photography began, concludes the Introduction to Photography Course in APAF (Portuguese Association of Photographic Art). In 2012 finished the Degree in Management in ISEG (Institute of Economics and Management). From 2012 to 2014 attends the Photography Course in Ar.Co (Center of Art & Visual Communication).

Since then his work focused on the attempt to document the world that surrounds him with a strong emphasis on personal memories and experiences.
A confessed film lover his work has been published and exhibited both national and abroad.
Currently lives and works between Braga and Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon, from the river to its boundaries

Lisbon is my hometown. This series intends to show the result of the last couples decades of uncontrolled growth that have taken place in Lisbon territory; how the city itself has adapted to this strange relation between nature and people. Choosing to walk from the centre to the limits of the city, which was the way that the urban territory has growth, I aim to show landscape fragments characterized by a certain lack of humanization, but where people will always be because of their reckless action.

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