Austin Reynolds

Austin Reynolds is twenty-three year old photographer living in California. Reynolds was originally from St. Augustine, Florida and has since then traveled across the country to reside in California. He started his photo career off by attending school in Santa Rosa, but was soon struck with life’s quarrels. In this aspect, Reynolds photographs what is seen throughout his life. Improvisation is the act of spontaneous flow and with that photography is the same, if treated right.

Where Magpies Mourn

At the end of March, 2017 I left Petaluma, California with with my son, Austin, driving north. The idea was to find a place for me to settle in somewhere in northern California. We spent some six weeks on the road crisscrossing the state–from Arcata on the Pacific coast across the Trinity/Shasta mountain range and on east as far as Reno, Nevada–in between we laid up in tourist spots, hardscrabble little towns and other oft-neglected backwaters well off the I-5. In the midst of this familial hejira, a few weeks were spent at a friend’s pot farm in southern Oregon. These photographs of Austin’s are the record of those weeks, a set of evocative captures of the marginal, the brokedown, the stubbornly independent and oddly beautiful encountered along that journey.

Joseph Michael Reynolds –21 May 2017 Yreka, California

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