Jeanette Spicer

Jeanette Spicer is a New York based visual artist. She is interested in the photograph as an object, a representation, a memory, a death, a trace and it’s ever-changing formal qualities and perception formed by the influence of technology and consumerism. These interests directly inform her aesthetic approach to the work. Her practice is heavily process based, and deeply rooted in collaboration. Spicer has shown her work in several venues in the Unites States and throughout the world. She has been awarded fellowships and residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Brooklyn Art Space, Contemporary Artists Center, and Soaring Gardens Lerman Charitable Trust.

there’s a certain slant of light

there’s a certain slant of light is in reaction to the abrupt ending of a relationship, and subsequent ending of a body of work for which my partner was the main subject. I found myself making photographs to survive. Still, in shock, everything familiar felt and looked and sounded unfamiliar. this struck me, and I started to make photographs of people and places that I knew but photographed them in order to re-familiarize myself. consequently, a few weeks later I attended a residency in which I lived in Vermont for a month in a place I had never been, with people I had never met. I formed quick relationships with a few residents and began to photograph them, to familiarize myself with them – which was a way I had never worked before. I have always collaborated with people with whom I am very close. I also began photographing the landscape, which was brand new to me – to also familiarize myself. this work represents progress, pain, regression, brand new bonds, and revisited lifelong relationships and places of home and of discomfort; and the necessity to push through, and carry on.

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