Katie Fenske

Katie Fenske is a self taught photographer, born and bred in Greenville, SC. Seven years ago her daughter came along, which influenced her to become photographer. When she’s not taking photos for herself, she spends her time building machines used for scientific analysis, taking photos for a local publication, or kicking it with her daughter.

The Fork

When I was about nine years old, Ronda came into our lives, married my oldest brother, and became the sister of my dreams.  For 20 years she had my family’s name. I was pregnant with my daughter when she and my brother broke the news their marriage had come to its end. Gutted, I worried I might lose my dream sister. I watched as she moved to and fixed up her house in the country, a place I’d known a little of since I was young. We used to go there for Fourth of July barbecues with her family. She was to share it with my brother once their two kids had grown. I watched as she fell in love with another man; I watched them make the place their home. I photographed their wedding, and I’ve been photographing them ever since. I began to know a lot more of The Fork, Ronda’s name for her now home, and I began to see how I still fit into her new life. She made sure there was still a place for me, something she had always done. In the end I did not lose my sister, I picked up another brother.




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