Justin Aversano

Another Issue No. 12 submission banger from Justin Aversano! Check out his unique eye for capturing landscapes and portraits from his travels around this diverse planet!

Justin Aversano is an artist working within the Bushwick and greater Brooklyn/New York art scene. He has organized and curated a number of shows in New York City, as well as public art exhibitions. Justin is also the owner and operator of Brooklyn Lightroom, a photo finishing, and printing studio housed within the Bushwick Community Darkroom. Additionally, Justin is the co-founder and creative director of Saveartspace, a non-profit dedicated to bringing community art to public spaces. A humanist and a social entrepreneur, Justin connects his art with the world around him through capturing moments, faces, and communities that surround him, bringing them together through the lens of his camera


As both a humanist and a photographer, I have immersed myself in many communities, striving to better understand what it means to be an individual in the 21st century. By exploring culture through image-making—capturing faces, relics, fashions, places and more—I can learn and understand the world we live in together, one which is rapidly changing at all times and constantly shape-shifting with new philosophical, ideological and political revelations at a moment’s notice. Using photography as a pathway to explore broader society and culture while embracing moment to moment experience, it creates a dialogue that is present-focused, future-minded, and past-conscious. Cameras have long been seen as both a tool and a weapon of culture, and with these portraits, I aim to redefine the camera as an interlocutor of culture, society and bodies—granting agency to the subject through their direct gaze and ownership of the frame, while capturing something essential in the present to feedback to the viewing public.

To view more of Justin’s work please visit his website.