David Avazzadeh

David Avazzadeh (1986) is a self-taught photographer based in Vienna. After graduating from the University of Vienna with a Bachelor of Arts he started to work as a freelance photographer. Besides several group exhibitions, his work has been featured in independent art publications. His main interest is the intersection between realism & fiction respectively the synthesis of both. This interest manifests itself in his analogue practice & use of digital manipulation which, in the best case, challenges the viewers opinion of what’s supposed to be real and what not and encourages him/her to change his/her very own view.

Force Majeure

For my latest project Force Majeure I’ve revisited the Dolomites in northeastern Italy for over two years. Inspired by optical phenomena as well as the variety of light situations I found myself in, I’ve tried not only to capture the mystical beauty of nature but to break with preconceived ideas of beauty, realism and truth. The result is a series of disconnected interventions, staged arrangements and encountered alienations framed against the backdrop of the alps. Applying physical and digital alterations, the process of viewing is invited to shift onto the production as well as the subjective visual reception and perception of each individual image and the series as a whole.

To view more of David’s work please visit his website.