Nicole Campanello

Nicole Campanello is an artist and photographer working in staged photography. A visual storyteller by nature, she creates narrative images based on her life experiences. In her work, she examines identity, the invisible happenings of the inner life, and the influence of external experiences. Nicole grew up in the countryside of Yorkshire, in the UK. There she developed a sense of adventure, an inventive imagination, and a love for the arts. Drawing became a passion of hers as a young child, which evolved into photography during her teen years. At the age of 16, she moved back to Texas, her birthplace, where she went on to obtained her BA in Photography. Her work has since gained recognition, winning awards, featuring in publications, and is shown in exhibitions across the United States, as well as internationally.

In the Interim

For her project, In the Interim, Nicole examines the time and space between stages of life. She asks “How do we get from one stage of life to the next? Is it as easy as walking through a door, or more like crossing through a passageway between two doors?”

Nicole believes we have a transitional period, “like an interlude between acts of a play, that can sometimes feel like a lengthy trek through unfamiliar terrain. Because, as humans, we feel uneasy when confronted with a void. We see it as an unimaginable emptiness in us that must be occupied. However, it is a time of healing from the past; rediscovering things forgotten; putting experience into much-needed perspective. It’s a time of preparation for our emergence at the next doorway.”

The images in this series depict such a period in Nicole’s own life–her own “interim” following the end of an unhealthy relationship. It was both challenging and rewarding for her; “a time of stillness, realization, and learning; a place of healing, growing, and searching for that next stage.”

To view more of Nicole’s work please visit her website.