Robert Law

Robert Law is an emerging photographer based in Wales in the UK and started photography with his own darkroom as a teenager in the 1980’s. Using traditional cameras and film, he specialises in fine art, documentary and minimalist photography.

In all his work he aims to maintain a cohesive style of observation and picture taking that provides the viewer with a fresh honesty and reality. Integrity is important to his work.

Robert is a contributor to the premium London photo agency, Millennium Images. He is also an active in the photographic community where he contributes articles, images and helps promote and encourage photographers. His ambition is to continue to build a body of work of contemporary photography with a view to publishing a book and solo exhibiting in the future.


Finding beauty in the everyday and banal, although nothing new, is always a highly rewarding challenge to me as a photographer. But my eyes tire quickly in very familiar surroundings or places that are over-photographed. Perhaps it’s the equivalent of writer’s block. So the opportunity to view another country or town, offering a fresh perspective always provides me with an instant, creative ‘rush’ with gathers its own momentum. Whilst many photographic projects are compiled over months and years, why apologise for a set of images compiled in one afternoon whilst on a real creative ‘high’? The inertia also focuses the mind and is a creative multiplier, I find. ‘Fresh Ayr’ is just exactly that. It’s a newcomer’s perspective of the seaside towns of Troon and Ayr on the West coast of Scotland.

I hope that the series cohesively captures the maritime essence of the area, both where working harbours and ports sit alongside tourist beaches and attractions in a cohabitation of necessity. It invites questions as to what it is like to live there and how people earn a living. Taken in August, the images also question the influence of a transient summer season and how the area briefly changes. Is there a specific aesthetic to this part of the country and how would it be defined in a way all of its own?

As a short project, unresearched and therefore without any pre-conceptions, I hope that this approach provides an honesty and integrity in the way that we often rely on ‘first impressions’ and recognise that in some cases, this concept has validity.

To view more of Robert’s work please visit his website.