Steven Lang

Steven Lang received his B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He was the recipient of a Loft Mentor Award for 2013-2014 and was a writer-in-residence for Coffee House Press in 2016. His photographs have been included in Der Grief, Momma Tried, and forthcoming in Romka. His stories are included in the anthology, Fiction on a Stick, published by Milkweed Editions, The Art of Wonder, published by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and in the literary journals Cutbank and Slush Pile Magazine. He lives in Lauderdale, Minnesota.


These relatively casual “day to day” photos were taken primarily with a 35mm film camera. As a photographer, I am less interested in decisive moments or single observations than I am in what might be considered states of limbo – buildings and houses, tracts of land, cars, objects, transit systems and even people that have been in stasis for years or decades but that may now be showing subtle signs of impending change. I also try to capture the human desire for this kind of limbo, or more accurately the desire for stability, which is often at odds with the equally human desire for change.

To view more of Steven’s work please visit his website.