Goseong Choi

Goseong Choi (b.1984, S.Korea) currently works and resides in Brooklyn, New York. Choi’s work has been exhibited at several museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the New Mexico Museum of Art. His work is held in collections at Philadelphia Museum of Art, New Mexico Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum, and Haggarty Museum of Art. He holds an M.F.A in Photography from Pratt Institute.

After Ashes

At the scorched field in Meji village, the ash seeped into the soil with each rain and the winter gusts snatched at the reeds. There was a bone. The death of the animal was white. Crows were crying. Perhaps they witnessed it and came for the body. His aunt passed away. Father informed him about her condition a day before her death. The tragedy was standing on. She had been in coma. Her body was here but her mind had drifted somewhere else. Where could it be? He thought about the void in consciousness. And He imagined the emptiness left behind. He came back to Meji after the funeral. In the wooded darkness, intertwined branches shone like an engraving. Its gesture and rhythm consoled him. The earth turned a green a bit. The southern winds would begin blowing soon.

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