Berber Theunissen

Berber Theunissen (Otterlo, 1989) graduated cum laude from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2013; the place she now lives, works and calls home. For her graduation series “Vagabond” she explored how one lives without a permanent home, and how it feels to wander between friends and family with few possessions. January 1st 2015 she moved back to Dutch Countryside, the place that inspires her most. Berber’s work has been published in several online and print publications. She was also selected by Foam as a part of the exhibition ‘Photo Town’ in Felix&Foam, as well as being selected for the New Dutch Photography Talent in GUP Gallery Amsterdam.

Atomic Punk

Last summer we went from the extreme lows to the extreme highs, from miscarriage to marriage. … How life works, an ever-twisting rollercoaster of happenings and emotions.

Within a few weeks, there was a unexpected pregnancy, a miscarriage,  a marriage and a honeymoon. Like if our life was shaken around in a cocktail shaker. At the moments when we hit rock bottom, I did not feel the need to capture everything.  I was occupied with life and survival.  The road trip across America was a time to contemplate the bizarre feelings and contradictions of the previous period.

We went offline, we disappeared. Alone. Completely together. While on the road, strange sofas and walls suddenly became home, leaving entrenched ideas and emotions, making room for fresh insights. We became closer and closer. We went beyond next level.

We can handle this together. We can handle everything.

To view more of Berber’s work please visit her website.