Julia Berezina

Julia was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1988.  In 1994 she immigrated with her mother to Israel.  From 2010 to 2014 she studied photography at The NB Haifa School of Design.  During her studies she explored such subjects as the meaning of home, belonging and identity.  After her graduation her work was showcased in several group exhibitions, photography magazines and was honourably mentioned in several photography competitions. In 2016 Julia was part of the shortlist of The Meitar Photography Award. Currently Julia is based in Berlin, where she continues to develop her body of works.

Safe Place For Snow

״ “You’re leaving, Yulchik…,” said Dad, standing by my side at the St. Petersburg airport in April 1994.
“Don’t be sad, daddy,” I replied, “I’ll go and then I’ll return.”

And so, for the past twenty-three years I have been traveling back and forth on an invisible graph, like a bunch of keys lost at home, waiting for its owner to recall where he had last seen it.

I have lived in Israel since I was six years old. I have left nothing behind but a father and a soft memory of the snow which, one March, having melted entirely, started falling again. This is why I have always marveled at the tears that filled my throat at the age of ten when, for the first time after immigrating, I returned to my homeland. This is why I always get away from the sun.”

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