Mitchell Hurst

Mitchell Hurst is currently a student working towards a B.A. at the University of Missouri in Columbia. His work revolves around noticing the quotidian. The work is sometimes critical, but at other times can be reverent or humorous. Mitchell’s process relies heavily on wandering about his surroundings without having any idea where he may end up at any given time. His editing process is sometimes immediate, and other times film be left undeveloped for months at a time.

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase is a project that I began in early 2016. When I first started making images they were all in black and white, and after about 6 months I switched over exclusively to color. The work is about trying to understand and organize my surroundings into something that seems less chaotic than it actually is. I generally do not go out looking for anything specific when I’m shooting, and the images are usually a product of the mood I am in when the photo is taken. At any given time I may be at peace with myself, and the world around me, then quickly I may become frustrated or confused. The photos take on these emotions as I move about, and try to grasp an understanding of my environment.

To view more of Mitchell’s work please visit his website.