Jeff Gros

Jeff Gros is a product of California. As a youth growing up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California, Jeff was influenced by punk rock and skateboarding. Jeff’s grandfather, a photographer, owned a camera store and gave him inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras, which fostered his interest in photography. Currently based in Los Angeles, Jeff’s photographs document life as it is, without cropping or enhancement. His photographs are paused moments in time that document history as it unfolds in the geometry of every day.

Out There

So often life’s opportunities present themselves at the most inopportune time. The same can be said for making pictures. Out There isn’t a collection of images that I set out to make. Each of these images was made when I was in the middle of working on something else. Joan Didion said it best: “Everything’s going along as usual and then all shit breaks loose.” These moments, this shit are what I’ve leaned to embrace.

To view more of Jeff’s work please visit his website.