Yingda Xu

Yingda Xu is Chinese photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He was born and raised in a southern city called Guangzhou, China. In 2015, he graduated from Swinburne University in Melbourne with a bachelor degree of Visual Communication Design. After years of practice, he is now shooting exclusively on film. His work explores the possibility of turning the mundane into something extraordinary through his romantic and quirky sense of humor. He is often drawn to tiny details and lighting in a environment and tries to capture the essence of a place and the emotion of a particular moment.

Do You Need My Love

Love is a concept that we often primarily learn and experience from human relationships. This series is a photographic exploration for fictional relationships between animals and subjects that often exist in overlooked situations. Each photographs depicts different aspects of love in a metaphorical sense – desire, patience, compromise, sacrifice, speculation, satisfaction and anticipation. Yingda hopes to capture the intricacies of love through romanticizing strange moments and intriguing encounters that allows audience to engage imaginatively with their own experience.

To view more of Yingda’s work please visit his website.