Brandon Bandy

Brandon Bandy (b. 1994) is a visual artist living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. He recently received his BA in photography at Webster University. Beginning with photography, his work has expanded to cover a broad range of disciplines all exploring the printed image. Brandon’s work deals with familial relations, preserving memory, American tropes, and landscape in relation to lifestyle.

Everything Must Go

During the summer of 2014 with the work of William Eggleston and Stephen Shore as my guide and a year of college training complete, I set out to document the banality and seemingly worthless moments I experienced during that first summer back home. It felt like pure magic, I drove endlessly trying to emulate the feeling behind those images. The foundations of American road trip photography are built on the images of Eggleston and Shore, and contemporary photography is plagued with the “American image”. Banality is no longer banality, it is the makings of a great photograph. Everything Must Go is the story of moving on. With family split between the Midwest and Los Angeles I’m exploring where I belong, and how the landscape shapes those who are in it. This work attempts to solve the problem of familial relations and being an “American photographer” both without resolution. It is both a fond memory and a gentle critique.

To view more of Brandon’s work please visit his website.