Lily Frances

Lily Frances was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Bard College in Upstate New York and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography. She is young and sentimental. Inspired by early periods of painting such as the Renaissance and baroque era, she uses light and gesture to visually convey and elevate the psychological and spiritual moments in our everyday world. She is interested in where the mythical and mundane collide in our present reality.


There is a contradiction in the way the sunlight hits your face. From the middle of your left eyebrow to the valley that is your cheeks, it’s as if you’ve been sliced open, scrubbed down, cleaned, by the warm golden light of the afternoon that sinks in through your bedroom window. The rest of your face is cupped in the dark, cool, hands of the watery blue shadows that have been cast away, discarded by this light.

It is this meeting place, this divine moment of nothingness that into me in to it all.

I am not only a witness to this moment, but a subject within the experience. This is a story of entanglement, exploring this mutual tie between the high and low moments of the divine and mundane, elevated and grounded, ecstatic and static.

What I look for is a visual description of a metaphysical phenomenon, where the psychological and spiritual meet on the same physical plane. Through the partnership of light and shadow, I am both creating and allowing drama to unfold.

I am a gatherer, weaving together moments of the life I am living into a larger symbol. I am playing with the terrain of family. I am veiling and unwrapping my own relationships within these scenes as their meanings shift and shape. This is my attempt to turn life into myth and myth back into life.

To view more of Lily’s work please visit her website.