Dylan Safranek

Dylan Safranek (b. 1991) is a photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. He received his BFA in Photography from The University of the Arts in 2015 and has since been working as a Digital Tech for Urban Outfitters. He spent his childhood growing up in Florida, Pennsylvania, and many states in between. His work comes from a place of reflection on the experiences that he holds dear to him. His most recent works in progress are based around his father.

This Is Home Now, Daniel

In the 6th grade, my mother moved to a house in the town of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania; the birthplace of the famous American pioneer, Daniel Boone. Boone spent his early childhood on the frontier of the Oley Valley and later traveled to settle towns in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Missouri. This Is Home Now, Daniel is an investigation of what it means to be a pioneer, a motif that plagued the town that I grew to call my home. Using the life of Boone as a guideline, I am searching for elements of the traditional pioneer mentality and the strong sense of bravery that have transcended through time. I’ve recognized Boone’s ability to break out of normalcy and to settle into a new life in a place that is seemingly unsettled.

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