Eugenie Frerichs

Photographer Eugenie Frerichs has documented young farmers in British Columbia, gauchos and trail builders at the Patagonia National Park in Chile, and men in trees all over North America for her ongoing series, Men and Trees. Born in Colorado, raised in Oregon and currently living in Ojai, California, she holds a day job as the Director of Photography at Patagonia, and works on her own work the rest of the time.


Created while exploring the arid American West, SCORPIO considers a single question: What was it like when the water ran out? Clearly all the water hasn’t run out just yet, but I imagine that someday it might. Each photograph in the series suggests an answer to this question, as if to say: Just as the last drop dropped, it was like This. And this. And this. And while the project was in truth made over the course of two years, I like to imagine the series as a collection of moments that were happening all at the very same time, as if when the water finally did run out – when the record scratched, or the single shot rang through the air – momentum ran out too, and for a second at least, everything froze.

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