Li Hui

Li Hui is a creative Chinese photographer who often focuses on youth, nature, and intimacy. Her mastery of light and her instantly recognizable style make it hard to believe that she’s a self-taught artist. She started trying to express her feelings through her own sensitivities and inclinations, continuing to learn by experimenting with the ideas that cross her mind. Hui’s work has been featured in different publications from all over the world, and she has published several photography books.

No Word From Above

“Sometimes different words may essentially have the same meaning, and the same words may point to different concepts. A certain ambiguity can give people more room to use their imagination. What I want to show is the sheer diversity of nature and life, that even though society promotes uniformity, human interaction can overcome social constraints. I try to explore or even create the unknown, and focus on visible but easily overlooked intimate details, observing and maintaining this awe of human nature and complexity. Through light and shadow, the focus is on the intimate relationship between human and nature. This series of works seems to be a rare beautiful landscape. However, if you careful observation reveals that these images are only negligible moments in our lives.”

To view more of Li’s work please visit her website.