Kevin Sean Carneiro

Kevin Sean Carneiro is a freelance photographer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work consists of documentary style imagery alongside portraiture of another depth, using analog techniques, he stretches the lines between commercial and fine art photography with a unique focus on color and form in its many facets. Kevin is intoxicated by traveling and exploring foreign lands. He wants to cut deep into the lesser known cultures that he surrounds himself in.


The American landscape is a mysterious place. Wide open spaces of rich dirt and clay, crowded with relics of an industrious time. For some a playground of drifters and nocturnal beasts, but for others, the open road is a vessel filled with the blood of the west. This work is an exploration of a strange land, physically and metaphorically guided by these ruins, trying to make sense of our journey, no matter where the signs lead.

To view more of Kevin Sean’s work please visit his website.