Sam Finegold

Sam Finegold is a Korean adoptee who is currently using photography as a tool for self-exploration. In 2016, he completed his photographic series, “Midwestern Boy”, which explored his identity as a Korean adoptee living in Midwest America. Prior to that, he made “The First Party”, a series of self-portraits shot on film and subsequently developed using beer to dilute the film developer. “The First Party” attempts to explore his non-existent family medical history, specifically surrounding the use of alcohol. He graduated from Macalester College in 2016. He currently lives in Seattle, WA.

big Mr.

“Hey Dad? How do the birds know when they’ve made it south?”

In the past few years since graduating from college, a majority of my experiences have been marked by a certain feeling of unreadiness. This work attempts explore this feeling of unreadiness, peeking into the fear that accompanies young men as they grow into adulthood. In doing so, I hope to highlight themes of softness and vulnerability that frequently hide beneath the surface of our identities.

Most of the subjects in this series are in their early twenties with the exception of one, my father. He is the first person to appear in the project while I am the last. Standing in the same spot, wearing his green jacket and holding my old bb gun, I appear fearful. How will I know when I’ve made it south?

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