Luc Borho

Luc Borho is a French graphic designer and photographer, and graduate from the International Design School in Toulon (South of France). After many years working as an art director for a skateboard company, Luc started his own freelance practice working with magazines, art galleries, and fashion brands. Luc lived in Australia and throughout France before settling in Paris.

His personal work as a photographer explores the obscure of the everyday. In a world flooded by images, Luc seeks to disturb the flow from inside the stream. His subjects can be perceived as purely aesthetic, provocative or a documentation.


“You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is going to be great…” This is how Elon Musk introduces his multi-planetary life project. What location can better illustrate this paradigm than America – the newest frontier – especially so in the South West, where rockets are often obscuring the night sky. While settling new civilizations on an empty planet sounds like science fiction, this project works to simulate an extra-terrestrial landscape in touristic spaces. By distorting our perception, we remember that a geographical position can be secondary to a sense of place and what we do in it – whether it’s on our planet or the next one.

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