Nathalie Ghanem-Latour

Born in Montreal, Canada in 1992, Nathalie Ghanem-Latour is a photographer and artist. She grew up from an early age in Tokyo, Japan, and then later in the farmlands of New Jersey, in the US. Her international upbringing and multicultural family background influenced her interests and subject matter in her work. Nathalie’s work often focuses on geography, geometry, the ugly side of the quotidien, and the relationship between people and places. Her most recent series, The Six Months, is a multi-medium photo diary of her acknowledging and confronting her battle with depression. Nathalie is currently based in Paris working as a photographer as well as a creative/curatorial assistant.

The Six Months

This series is a photo diary of the first six months of my depression. This was a time in my life where I was forced to confront my fragility, and acknowledge the existence of my anxieties and the state of my mental health. This series, soon to be made into a photo book, is a ventilation of my stress. While the series includes written journal entries and anxiety-induced drawings, the photographs represent the brief moments where I felt free to be myself. Whether I was on the street or in the office, there was something about these situations and places that made me want to return to the medium I loved so much before my depression.

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