Madison Beach

Madison Beach (born in 1995) is a photographer based in Brighton. Beach gained her photography degree at Coventry University in 2016. Since leaving university her work has focused on exploring and capturing the reality of daily life across the world through both street and documentary photography. This has taken Beach from the cosmopolitan streets of London and bustling suburbs of Tokyo to the rural villages on the Bangladesh/India border. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and online publications including Huck magazine.

For her latest project ‘Playing to the Gallery’, Madison has explored a different side of photography, going back to the studio, and taking an experimental approach to representing the English language.

Playing to the Gallery

The idea for ‘Playing to the Gallery’ came after I stumbled across a book explaining the origin of idioms. I had heard many idioms before but never knew they were defined by the word ‘idiom’.

I decided to visualise these phrases through a series of photographs, with each image representing a different idiom. If exhibited, the captions wouldn’t be displayed by the images so the audience would have the opportunity to connect the dots.

To view more of Madison Beach’s work please visit her website.