Frances Bukovsky

Frances Bukovsky is a photographer and video editor who works in multiple formats to create visual stories. Born and raised in Upstate New York, she now lives in South Florida where she graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2018 with a BFA in Photography and Imaging. Through still and moving images, Bukovsky has worked on projects exploring gender identity, the impact of chronic illness on daily life, and mental health. Her interest in both documentary and styled photography allows her to form collaborations with her subjects that empower them and their interests through her photography. Currently, Bukovsky works as a freelance photographer and video editor. She also continues work with chronic illness patients to raise awareness and inspire political action.

A Family of Complicated Bodies

A Family of Complicated Bodies is an in-depth look at the physical, mental, and financial impacts of chronic illness on a middle-class American family living in south Florida. Frances Bukovsky has worked with her family for over a year to capture the intimate details of a family living with autoimmune disease. Each member of the family has a different chronic illness and have different treatments and coping habits to accompany the disease, including using emotional support animals, napping frequently, and supporting each other during particularly bad days. The family has worked together to create images that reflect the struggle of each member’s battle with their respective disease, as well as how they come together to support each other as a collective.

Millions of people living in the United States alone struggle with chronic illness. It is estimated by a RAND study that 60% of Americans live with one or more chronic illnesses. Even with the extreme prevalence of these illnesses, there is a widespread lack of knowledge of the day to day impact these diseases cause. A Family of Complicated Bodies examines these day to day struggles to communicate the all-consuming nature of chronic illness.

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