Wenni Zhen

Wenni Zhen (1990, Chengdu, China) is a visual artist that reconstructs the nature-scape and its phenomena out of repurposed materials. Her works deals with the dichotomies within the photographic medium, exploring how photography can both limit our vision, and grant us a new one. Wenni received her M.F.A in Photography in the spring of 2018 from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently working as an artist in the states.

Landscrap, Mindscape

Landscrap and Mindscape is a group of fabricated, photographic nature-scapes constructed from repurposed scraps of everyday materials that might otherwise be ignored. Bottle lids, tape, foil, paper, medicine pills, CD disks, and plastic wrap are photographed to appear as mountains, valleys, rivers, and galaxies. The seemingly inconsequential materials of our everyday lives take on new meaning when repurposed into otherworldly nature-scape images. The body of work leads an experience of using the interpretation of the subject matter to break the misleading illusions of nature-scape through photographic language. The images suggest a connection between interpretation and personal encounters, imply an inseparable relationship between representation and distortion in both photographic process and human vision, and encourage viewers to re-evaluate their perceptual limitations and capabilities.

To view more of Wenni Zhen’s work please visit her website.