Arthur Fechoz

Arthur Fechoz is a visual artist living in Paris, working around notions of identity and temporality. Using historical, socio-economic and environmental context as material, he employs different mediums. Among other techniques, he uses computer-assisted image creation, image reappropriation, and sound creation. This abstract photographic language is open to interpretation, giving free reign to the subjectivity of each one expressed. Therefore, the artwork is emerging as a product of collective imagination and co-creation.

K-14 (Voie Sombre)

After losing my paternal grandparents, I discovered their photographic archives. While exploring this material I began to work around the notion of disappearance and memory.
How does one approach this photographic memory and how do they make the connection between the memory and disappearance? It’s through these questions that my approach became meaningful, I began to build my own memory of their past, working directly on their archive material. It’s because of my intervention on their archive that a symbolism of the disappearance became meaningful. The more I worked on a document, the more the memory of my grandparents disappeared to the detriment of mine.

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