What We’ve Found: Into the Night

Hello again! Hard to believe that July is already coming to a close. I’m absolutely floored by the quality of the submissions for this month’s What We’ve Found! The night has always held a special place in my heart and imagination given its thematic plasticity. The oft-associated act of dreaming, for instance, can be pleasant and innocent while also having the capacity to be chaotic and sublime. Similarly, nighttime possesses qualities that can entrance as well as repel. Its relationship to photography is somewhat complicated, with many shooters operating on a subconscious premise that there’s “good light” and that whatever lies outside of it is to be avoided. The submissions showcase various different ways of dealing with this – long exposures, flash, or maybe just letting it be as opaque as it can be in the low light. With all that being said, you guys failed to disappoint! These images do a marvelous job of illustrating the strangeness and enigma of venturing Into the Night.

Joseph Ritchie @josephwritchie

Jennifer Ray @oyvey_jray

Emily Najera @emilynajeraphoto

Emily Najera @emilynajeraphoto

Joshua Watson @joshuadavidwatson

Alina Lefa @alinalefa

Chris Moody

Karoliina Kase @karoliinakase

Karoliina Kase @karoliinakase

Joseph Ritchie @josephwritchie

Elise Nicol @elise.nicol

Ines Marinho @inesmarinho_

Jared Bramblett @jtbramblett

Tianran Qin @qintianran

Patrick Warner @patamuswarmer

Sage Brown @sagebrown

Oliver Raschka

Brook Vann @creekbuss

Lisa Eri @_lisaeri

Rebecca Fertinel @rebeccafertinel

Chad Schneider @movingstillpix

Marylise Vigneau @marylisevigneau

Nick Halstead @nickantonyhalstead

Thanks again to everyone who submitted images! What We’ve Found is a monthly happening here at Aint-Bad, so be on the look out for next month’s theme!