What We’ve Read! – July Edition

Another month with great new publications for you to browse through. Let me share with you my favorite photo book and in that my favorite photographer of all times. I first came across Takashi Yasumura’s work in my second year of BA. I just started my very first color negative project at my Grandparents home back in Israel. My teacher, Sarah, told me I had to see his book ‘Domestic Scandals‘, and the moment I did I was inspired and hooked. A great photo book can do that to you – it can motivate you to be a better version of yourself. That book is, even years later, my go to when I need inspiration.

With that all said, I hope that this post will inspire you to print, bind, and share your work with the format of a book – even if it just a mock up or just for yourself, a book can truly create a new way of seeing your work.

Do you have a book/zine/publication that you would love to share with us? Follow our guidelines here to submit!

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Arturo Soto, In The Heat, 2018
In The Heat is a subjective depiction of Panama’s urban landscape. The series interrogates how personal experience influences the ways one negotiates, and ultimately represents a place. Panama’s presence in the collective unconscious is frequently limited to its canal, exotic sceneries and recent political history. The title is meant to allude to the capital’s humid climate, but also to my bittersweet stay of two years. The narrative avoids the typical imagery highlighted by the travel industry, in which color is used to promote prepackaged experiences, leaving out whatever contradicts that illusory lifestyle.

Price: $35
Publisher: The Eriskay Connection
Artist Website: www.arturosotophotography.com
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Dylan Smyth, A Typology of Australian Domestic Architecture. vol 1, 2017‘A Typology of Australian Domestic Architecture’ is the documentation of typical domestic architecture in Australia. It celebrates the Australian home as both a means of self-expression and also as a monument to the period of its design and construction. This work is in effect a field guide to urban, suburban and rural Australian architecture noting the architectural features, styles, modifications and additions undertaken.

297x210mm (8.25 ×11.75inches)
Digital offset
Edition of 100

Price: 40AUD
Publisher: Self Published
Artist Website: dylansmyth.com
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Tara Wray, Too Tired for Sunshine, 2018
In Too Tired for Sunshine, Tara Wray confronts depression by documenting the beauty, darkness, and absurdity of everyday life. Drawn from daily life and wanderings, the photos explore loneliness and isolation, as seen through a lens of absurdist dark humor. Too Tired for Sunshine puts a fine point on channeling the pain into creative expression. We are both witnessing the process and experiencing the result. Tara Wray takes us on a visual and emotional journey with disarming humor that lets us lean in to the sadness a bit.

Price: $50
Publisher: Yoffy Press
Artist Website: www.tarawray.net
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Julien Roubinet, Ice-Cream Headaches, 2018
Unbeknownst to many who live there and to the throngs of tourists who stop by each year, the beaches of New York and New Jersey are home to a diverse and vibrant coldwater surfing community. Ice Cream Headaches captures a snapshot of this often-overlooked facet of life and leisure in America’s most dense metropolis.

Over a span of four years, writer Ed Thompson and photographer Julien Roubinet—who met surfing at Rockaway Beach—have logged more than 4,000 miles from Eastern Long Island to Cape May, interviewing and photographing the surfers, surfboard shapers, artists and documentarians who make up the scene. From local legend and Montauk fisherman Charlie Weimar to Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Finnegan to professional surfers with global followings such as Quincy Davis, Mikey De Temple and Balaram Stack, the New York surf community is a colorful one. Ice Cream Headaches highlights the surfers who experiment with new forms, materials, ideas and surfing styles in the often-frigid Atlantic waves.

Across 192 pages, the book features four essays rich with quotes and anecdotes, more than 110 extraordinary photographs and a foreword by iconic portrait and surf photographer Michael Halsband. Ice Cream Headaches takes the reader inside the surf breaks and stomping grounds of the surfers who call New York and New Jersey home, surfers who are willing to pull on a 5mm wetsuit, wade through a foot of snow on the beach and battle 30-mile-per-hour winds for a few fleeting moments inside a yawning barrel.

Price: $45
Publisher: Damiani Editore
Artist Website: www.icecreamheadaches.nyc
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Pablo Lerma, A Place to Disappear, 2017
A Place to Disappear is a visual project that explores man’s absence from the primitive landscape in the Earth. Imagining a near future, where the humans will disappear from this planet but come back to Earth centuries later.

The project focuses on the traces of utopian landscapes in transformation and extinction, and combines them with vernacular photographs from expeditions in the 19th century that documented the same locations.

Consequently, the sequence collapses space and time in a way that reflects the relationship between the archive and human memory. The visual narrative also reveals the impossibility of a fixed landscape and taps into the viewers’ imaginations.

A Place to Disappear has been nominated in 2017 for the FIRST BOOK AWARD by MACK Editions. The project was also featured in Ain’t Bad Magazine. Pablo Lerma was a finalist for Critical Mass 2017, and the winner of Grand Prize 2018 PDN Curator Award.

Price: $40
Publisher: Kris Graves Projects
Artist Website: www.pablolerma.com
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Jeremy Ackman, CUPS CUPS CUPS, 2017

A Zine about abandon cups left on sideways, parking lots, and lawns around my neighborhood.

Price: $12
Publisher: Self Published
Artist Website: www.jeremyackman.com
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Do you have a book/zine/publication that you would love to share with us? Follow our guidelines here to submit!

Have Questions? Feel free to contact me at dana@aint-bad.com