Yehlin Lee

Yehlin Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan (1976). Since 2001, he’s devoted himself to sound art. In 2011, he began making images, self-taught. Photography to him is a practice to approach his original perception. He tries to be aware of the habitual way of looking and attempts to go beyond it. His photography and sound works have been exhibited in Europe, North America, and Asia. His first photobook, “Raw Soul”, was published by Japanese publisher “AKAAKA” in 2017.

Raw Soul

Between 2011 and 2017, after an unsuccessful career as a sound artist, I tried to reconnect myself with my homeland in Taiwan with a camera. I didn’t know what kinds of photos to take. And yet, what attracts me is a certain suppressed force of life, a spiritual intensity behind people, things, and landscapes.

My way of looking is deeply influenced by my past experience in listening – unconditional acceptance. Like a submarine, I try to feel without bearing any intention and dive into a collective consciousness of Taiwanese as well as my own. When sound is heard from within, I click the shutter.

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