Tamsin Green

Tamsin Green is an English photographer and architect based in London. Her work explores imprints on the landscape, mapping journeys from human to geological scale. Her major projects include Sleeper (2012-2015) and Born of the Purest Parents (2016-2018). Her photographs and books have been exhibited and published internationally.

Born of the Purest Parents

Fundamental to human life, for millennia we have sought out salt. A search for the familiar daily grain in the vast expanses of the salt mountain, pan, lake, and vein. Equipped with a geologists toolkit I went out into the field, following well-worn paths, maps, and google earth images. Born of the Purest Parents oscillates between the fragmented mineral specimen and the topographic survey. Through closely observed landscape features, scale and alienation are explored within both natural and man-made places.

Born of the Purest Parents (2018) was self-published as a handmade limited edition of 35. The book concept was developed with Yumi Goto at Reminders Photography Stronghold, Japan. The book was nominated for the MACK First Book Award 2018, and shortlisted for the Kassel Dummy Award ’18.

To view more of Tamsin Green’s work please visit her website.