Alessandra Tecla Gerevini

Alessandra Tecla Gerevini is an Italian photographer and writer living in the Greater Los Angeles Area, California.
Her work aims at rejoining herself with her childhood and with nature, by bringing back the spontaneity of the feelings she had back then. Her researches are focused mainly on the natural world. Her latest project is called Standing in Shallow Water, where she is mixing photography with poetry. Now she is working on studying deserts and volcanoes, as well as on southern Californian plants and flowers. And the possible interactions between flowers and bodies composing rough collages with her photos.
Alessandra works with different cameras – probably the iPhone camera is now her favorite – and she mixes photography and poetry. The goal is to create projects that work on more than one level, engaging for the viewer and enhancing for herself.
She studied as a photo editor back in Milan and she has a little publishing house, called Aurora Edizioni, focused on zines presenting works realized by Italian photographers. The online counterpart is called Aurora Fotografi.

Standing in Shallow Water

Standing In Shallow Water is a visual diary of someone who has never lived close to the sea, but finds it to be soothing and mesmerizing. In this project, the sea is as much a physical place as it is an imaginary space where I can question myself. During this introspective imaginary journey, I have discovered myself standing in these shallow waters, always laying on the surface, with a lack of spirit of going forward.

The pictures were taken throughout the years, across many places. The actual locations are unimportant to the project. The seas and oceans are perceived here as one immense unit. I used different cameras and most of the times the iPhone camera, conveying the urgency and immediacy of the captured moments. Short suggestive poems that I wrote further complement the images.

The project is structured as a notebook, and all pages are sized as a diary. To emphasize this idea, the submitted images are presented often side by side, in a forced dialogue between one another. The small size will force the viewer to approach them, and look at them from close by, in a very intimate space.

To view more of Alessandra Tecla Gerevini’s work please visit her website.