Fumi Ishino

Fumi Ishino (b. Hyogo, Japan) holds an MFA from Yale University where he was awarded the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship. He is currently living and working in Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited at The Flag Art Foundation, Fraenkel Gallery, and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Awards include the Japan Photo Award, 2015, and the Honorable Mention Award from New Cosmos of Photography, 2015. His first book, Rowing a Tertrapod, was published by MACK in 2017.

Rowing a Tetrapod

Rowing a Tetrapod brings together a fluctuating array of black and white photographs made in multiple locations in the United States and Japan, between which countries emerging artist Fumi Ishino has resided. The work channels his nomadic experience of moving back and forth between two distinct cultures, with divergent social norms and values. Following an aleatoric structure, the book presents images as diverse as Japanese school children, American astronauts, vernacular architecture, laboratory scenes, local cuisines, animals and studio still-lifes. Blurring distinctions between the local and the foreign, the domestic and the cosmic, Rowing a Tetrapod delights in confusing cultural conceptions, fabricating an imaginary space that is bent towards misinterpretation.

To view more of Fumi Ishino’s work please visit his website.