Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller is a still life photographer whose ongoing project is shot in a studio, captured on film, and printed in a color darkroom. With her careful arrangements, Ashley’s images take a stab at the unnerving sides of consumerism. Her work picks and pulls at the embodied anxieties from insatiable capitalism, chewing over desire, bodies, and fetish objects. Ashley was born in Aleppo, Syria and raised on the island of Guam. She is currently lives in Olympia, Washington.

Still Life Series

The still life as a form of representation nods toward product and food photography—I try to complicate the subtext of desire with elements of violence, disgust, and humor. In this way, the familiar becomes something strange. Colors and textures and cliches play off each other. Everyday artifacts are carefully arranged within the frame, becoming monuments or symbols of a confused nature. I ask myself: What am I selling here? What am I condemning?

To view more of Ashley Miller’s work please visit her website.