Daniel Bushaway

Daniel Bushaway is an emerging artist currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia. He holds an Honours Degree from Camberwell College of the Arts and is heavily influenced by the Düsseldorf School of Photography. Daniel’s practice involves shooting on large format film, manual processing and optical drum scanning.

A principle theme throughout his work is man-altered landscapes, infrastructures, systems and nature altered through industry. His aim is to document and explore why we cultivate our environments in the way that we do.

Daniel was recently awarded a Judges Commendation at the 2018 CLIP Award for natural and urban landscapes, as well as 2017 Finalist at the IRIS Awards and Olive Cotton Award for photographic portraiture. He is due to publish a his monograph about the Australian Paper Industry in 2019.

HVP pine plantation

Timbs Track

Fell pine


Life Cycles – is a body of work exploring timber, pulp and paper manufacturing from a local perspective by documenting the journey from plantation through to post consumption. The impetus for this body of work is Daniel’s fascination with paper and desire as a consumer to understand and explore contemporary manufacturing and industry, which is inherently politically charged with ideas of conservation and sustainability.

This long term project has spanned key paper manufacturing companies and institutions, to capturing public and private plantations (new, old and felled), paper mills, wastage facilities, to behind the scene at the State Library of Victoria’s rare books management and conservation areas.

Daniel aims to construct a narrative, rich and dense in detail, the implicit architecture of these spaces mirroring the complexity of our own daily interactions with industry. The works will aim to challenge the viewer to meditate on human endeavour and our relationship with nature, more specifically, the disconnect between the commodities we use daily, the production of which is so removed from our lives.

Where trees once stood

VISY Recycling facility

VISY Recycling facility No.2

VISY paper mill No.5

VISY paper mill waste paper service area

Loading freshly milled paper

Waste disposal – Co-generation plant

Box board production line

Portrait of Fred

Flexography printer

Wrapping paper rewinders

Heidelberg BO offset printing press


SLV Basement sorting station

SLV rare books office

State Library Victoria

Stack of Books

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