What We’ve Read! – January Edition

After a short holiday cheer break we are back and better than ever with more great publications that are here to spark your curiosity, imagination and motivation. If you are not aware of this part of our website, here on What We’ve Read! we feature photo books from self published to traditional publishing houses. This monthly feature is here to share the mutual love we all have for the printed matter.

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Robert F. George, Harmony Rats, 2018

The images in this book were taken of teens hanging out in the Harmony Parking Lot and on Flat Street in Brattleboro, Vermont during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. These portraits of ravers, punks and other loiterers give us a glimpse into a very specific time and place as well as an epoch of youth relatable to many. The sold out first edition of this publication was limited to 25, clip bound with a dust jacket, 52 black and white pages. A second edition is in the works.

Price: $18
Publisher: Pine Island Press
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Robert Darch, The Moor, 2018

The Moor depicts a fictionalized dystopian future situated on the bleak moorland landscapes of Dartmoor. Drawing on childhood memories of Dartmoor alongside influences from contemporary culture, the narrative references local and universal mythology to give context but suggests something altogether more unknown. The realisation of this dystopian future is specifically in response to a perceived uncertainty of life in the modern world and a growing disengagement with humanitarian ideals. The Moor portrays an eerie world that shifts between large open vistas, dark forests, makeshift dwellings, uncanny visions and isolated figures.

The sense of an on-going narrative is reinforced by the reoccurrence of characters, often appearing on edge, in peril or distressed. The inherent wildness of the landscape heightens this fragile sense of existence, with the suggestion of an unseen presence adding to the isolation and tension.

The fiction is grounded within the landscapes of Dartmoor, using found locations instead of overt staging, artificial lights or constructed sets. Shifting between pseudo documentary and constructed photography the Moor blurs that liminal space between fiction and reality.

Price: £16
Publisher: Another Place Press
Artist Website: www.robertdarch.com
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Adam Geary, ABOUT TIME, 2018

‘Faced with ageing and change we gradually withdraw
from the world.’

About Time (ISBN 9780995651746 ) is the latest photobook by the UK photographer, Adam Geary. You can take a virtual flick through the book at www.adamgeary.com/books

As we grow older and watch those around us pass before our eyes we start to look back and reflect on lives lived. In a society obsessed with the now and the new, it is perhaps time for more reflection and consideration. About Time asks us to step back and reflect on our lives and simply look and connect with the everyday stuff that surrounds us. ‘It is time’, Geary says, to ‘look afresh at this life passing, where every day is made up of fleeting glances, to be kept close at hand for a journey that might get rough.’ About Time can be purchased through www.adamgeary.com and comes with an A5 print of cover image.

Price: $13
Publisher: Aglu/Adam Geary
Artist Website: www.adamgeary.com
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Angela Sequeira, Counterweight, traffic light and palm tree, 2018

Counterweight, traffic light and palm tree is the result of a conceptual approach to the environment that surrounds us as an extension of the inner issues of existence.

In these photographic exercises, moving the poetics of the visual instinct through rural or urban environments, it is proposed to remove the barriers between the self and its surroundings and institute the possibility of reflecting the exterior as a continuation of the interior dialogue.

We surround ourselves with matter and objects that imitate this daily rotation, posing the evidence of their movements as ours, exhibiting themselves as thoughts in constant transformation and change.
The human will extract, suck and grind the exterior that ends up closing, containing and subjugating him to the condition of shadow, essence, a volatile matter and therefore, of infinite dimension, such as what contains him. As if an etheric common body rises.

The Counterweight emerges as the constant balance between moral, aesthetic, and ideological preconceptions. The Traffic light with intermittent locks and unlocks to the Palm tree – as nature rooted in the drive of desire so often associated with the common concept of idyllic space.

Price: €18
Publisher: Biombo Edições
Artist Website: angelasequeira.com/photography
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Eva Gjaltema, The First Three Years, 2018

The First Three Years’ is based on the artist’s personal experience of becoming a mother;on the contradictory nature of the event and the conflicting emotions it creates— the awe at the incredible ’once in a lifetime’ beauty of motherhood mixed with feelings of daunting powerlessness and isolation.

We live in a time where women increasingly feel a great deal of stress— both self-imposed and external— to juggle all life roles perfectly: mother, artist, professional, companion.

Price: €45 (including shipping)
Publisher: Self Published
Artist Website: www.evagjaltema.org
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