Evan Jorgensen

Evan Jorgensen was born in Neptune, New Jersey in 1994 and now lives and works in New York. In 2016 he received his BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute. His most recent work has been focused on studying life through experimental and investigative still lifes. While primarily working with photography, Evan has been finding ways to incorporate sculpture and intervention within his photographs. Most recently, he was included in a group show along with other great artists curated by Alex Zuckerman and Jake Shore entitled, “Zuck and Jake’s Great Show at Spoonbill”.

Things like You and Me

This ongoing body of work exists in a world that is governed by superstitious thinking and inspired by a curious nature in elevating the banality of everyday life. Objects, places, and people are made or photographed with such intimacy as to force them to show their cards. In hopes of exchanging a deal with the otherworldly, I’m looking for meaning where there is supposedly none, playing with materials where they won’t talk back, and dreaming of a space where all things activate each other as to a orchestrate a performance between the animated and the lifeless.

To view more of Evan Jorgensen’s work please visit his website.