Jake Reinhart: Where The Land Gives Way

Jake Reinhart is a photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He earned a B.A. in Sociology and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh. Jake serves on the board of directors at the Silver Eye Center for Photography, and assisted the Magenta Foundation as their regional coordinator for the Pittsburgh Area. He is a recent recipient of a Pittsburgh Filmmakers Emerging Photographer award, and An Artist Opportunity Grant from the Greater Pittsburgh Art’s Council. Jake was a semi-finalist in the Philadelphia Print Center’s 89th Annual international Photography and Print competition. Jake has assisted photographers such as Zoe Strauss, Mark Neville and Tabitha Soren. He has exhibited his photos in Pittsburgh, Nashville and San Francisco.

Photographic work centered around ones hometown can be difficult to navigate. A series of photographs that become exclusive can isolate the viewer from the work, while those who’s ambition airs on the side of anonymity can fog the identity of the photographer altogether. Jake Reinhart’s series, Where The Land Gives Way, which documents the people and landscape in and around Pittsburgh, PA, strikes an excellent balance. While it’s clear that Jake is attached to his community, the photographs breathe;

To view more of Jake’s work, please visit his website. Where The Land Gives Way can be purchased through Deadbeat Club.