Sam Gregg

Sam Gregg (b. 1990) is a London born & based portrait and documentary photographer. With a particular interest in marginalised and dispossessed communities, Gregg’s work is both immersive and removed, taking refuge within complex environments as a means of following narratives that reflect on his own culture. His work has been published and exhibited internationally, including most recently at the Leica gallery Milan and Photo Vogue Festival. In April 2019 he’s set to have the first solo exhibition of his project ‘See Naples and Die’ in London.

See Naples and Die

The Four Quarters.

See Naples and Die has been undertaken in four of central Naples’ most historically rich yet contemporarily volatile areas.

Rione Sanità
Quartieri Spagnoli
Santa Lucia

Although Naples regularly tops the European crime index rankings, the situation in the city’s central areas is steadily improving. Unfortunately, the media consistently plays a role in glamorising and propagating Naples’ negative image. See ‘Naples and Die’ is my attempt at humanising the city’s residents, showing that those who are affected are tangible human beings before they’re political units.

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