Jordan Whitten

Jordan Whitten is a photographer based in Johnson City, TN. Whitten is currently a MFA candidate as East Tennessee State University and hold a BFA in photography from Memphis College of art. His work is influenced by American landscape and documentary traditions.

Upper middle class lakefront property overlooking their dry docks

Floating lake homes

A family on the deck of their floating lake home

The Boone Dam Project

Over 60 years ago, the construction of Boone Dam created an artificial lake, Boone Lake, that permanently altered the landscape of Sullivan and Washington County in Tennessee. A recently discovered sinkhole in the dam has caused further transformation. The sinkhole has forced the Tennessee Valley Authority to lower the water levels of the lake while they work to fix the hole without damaging the structure or the homes that are at risk if the dam were to fail. This series of images examines the intersection between current events and the immediate or residual impacts they have on the community, environment, and economy in the area.

A pool overlooking a former lake cove

Man with a metal detector searching areas that were previously too deep to wade

Marshall’s entertainment

Loading ramp

interior of an RV park building with an old image of the lake

Marian and Anna

Boat wash

a recently renovated home

David has moved on

An RV with prime real estate

Lake bed turned basketball court

Area advertisement

Local church

the interior of a retrieved sunken boat

The garage at a local marina

Lakeside birthday celebration

Boone Dam

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