Antoine Loncle

Antoine Loncle (b.1995) is a Malaysian-French documentary photographer whose work originates from investigations into his sense of self and identity, explored through the social landscapes that surround him. In 2016 he traveled to Australia to undertake his BA in Photography at Photography Studies College, Melbourne. In his final year, he was fortunate enough to have developed a mentorship with American photographer Bryan Schutmaat, as he produced his graduate project, Lines of Flight. Through photography, he hopes to better understand the world around him. Approaching his projects delicately, methodically, and with equal emphasis on the physical act of photographing as well as the conceptual, he often adapts his visual aesthetic across projects to better convey his emotive, responsive nature.

Lines of Flight

Lines of Flight is a documentative project that explores the concepts of escapism, longing, and obsession through the human connection to flight.

The idea of flight is an escapist one. It is this longing for a sense of liberation that makes us look up at birds with envy or stare out the window of an airplane, feeling encapsulated by the earth below – reduced to nothing more than an abstract collection of lines and shapes. Flight, for most of us, in whatever form we may encounter it, releases us.

Over the course of a year, I have traveled across Victoria with a large-format camera, photographing in response to this idea of escape. In my travels, I encountered people who have enveloped themselves with their love for the skies; they live to pursue these obsessions. Through their individual experiences, they have all tasted flight. Whether through the act of physically flying or passively watching those who do, they are all free of their own realities – each of them liberated through their own lines of flight.

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