Sean Murray

Sean Murray is an east-coast based visual artist. He earned a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts in 2015. Since his graduation he has worked as an editorial and commercial photographer, while maintaining a fine art practice. With a focus on image making, Sean’s work consists photographs, painting, and sculpture. Currently his work revolves around the idea of home and its relation to identity, while also touching on human interaction and response.

Liquid Truths

Liquid Truths is my attempt at solidifying a home. At living out life and bringing clarity to everything. It is an attempt to arrive at truth organically, answering my own questions while navigating this fluid ever-shifting terrain. Powered by imagery referential of common middle class suburban life, I search for answers that carry me toward clarity.

Liquid Truths are memories which conjure and explore family (chosen or communal), masculinity (challenged and observed), and what it means to be an adult by societal standards. It is an attempt to make sense of questions which remain unclear – the current that negates the limbo between youth and adulthood. Answers are fluid and circumstantial, and not altogether clear. Liquid Truths traverses this liminal space – it attempts to piece together places and experiences which form my idea of home, in order to lay the foundation of a final home.

To view more of Sean Murray’s work please visit his website.