Lauren Taubenfeld

Lauren Taubenfeld is a graduate student at ICP-Bard (2019) where she is completing her MFA in Photography. She received her BFA in photography from Parsons The New School for Design in 2015. Her work has been featured on and Musee Magazine. She has been making photo based work for over 10 years. Taubenfeld spent years self-medicating, during her active addiction, eventually leading her towards recovery all while struggling to be an artist and document her struggles. Fight/Flight has taken shape over the course of ten years. Her work mainly consists of different portraits and landscapes which depict intimate relationships, loss, pain and struggle, mental illness, addiction, darkness and the notion of seeking.


This body of work has taken shape over the course of ten years, consisting of images of landscapes, domestic scenes, my younger brother, various family members and people whom have impacted my life greatly. It is an attempt to work backwards and put back the pieces of a forgotten narrative back together in an investigative method. Years of self-medicating in active addiction effectively dulled my memory and was a method of evading discomfort. While working through an archive of my own past I am giving the ability to recall repressed memories while also coming to terms with present realities. I am no stranger to turmoil and dysfunction for it has followed me most of my life. Using sequencing as a tool to move beyond linear chronology, the images in this work hold ambiguity, often through the contradictory impulse for fictionalized reenactments as well as conclusive truths. Making work has worked as an effective therapeutic tool in which I am able to speak my truth.

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