Carlos Bafile

Carlos Bafile was born in Venezuela, raised by a half-Italian family. After making some weird life decisions and studying some insignificant nonsense, he ended up taking pictures. Now based in Hannover, Germany, he is currently studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at Hannover University.
Bafile’s work focuses on social inequality and the daily life issues of the forgotten and ignored. He tries to use his subjectivity to make people empathize and be moved. His aim is to educate people through photography in order to create a higher consciousness.

Quit While You’re Ahea

The south of Italy is a tourist paradise lost in the hands of corruption. The economic crisis has left some regions almost without industries or proper job opportunities, which does not provide the brightest future for the younger generations.
There has been a decline of the southern Italian society in recent years, which is often translated into unemployment rates. Calabria has the highest youth unemployment rate in the European Union (58,7%, Eurostat); Sicily has the third highest rate (57,2%, Eurostat).
Amid beautiful beaches, the young people of the south think about emigrating. Tired of political instability, they find themselves without any hope in this deserted land empty of possibilities. But it is impossible to forget what it means to be young.
My goal with this project is to capture the sense and feel of the southern Italian youth by following a group of dis-occupied youngsters. From the hopelessness of Davide, a son of an anti-mafia police officer; the fatigue of Pietro, who works seasonally in northern Italy; or the nonsense of a night out.

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