Danny Klein

Danny Klein is a Chicago based photographer born in 1994. His inspiration for making pictures derives from the skateboard culture. This fast paced experience opened doors to creativity that he has taken to apply to his photography. Constantly shooting, moving, and looking to anticipate what happens before entering each frame. He photographs primarily using analog practices, and is able to be fully aware in each decision he makes. This consciousness comes when you understand that the camera is solely the vehicle for capturing a moment in time. He believes photography requires certain tools to be used for his own advantage and overall creative process.

Pastel Painted Paradise

When living in a suburban setting it blinds you from what you think you know until you depart. There are many oddities of an Illinois suburb—altering reality for better or for worse. Certain ideas and morals are expected to be mutual within a community. Ironically these traits lack any sense of common awareness for a neighborhood in unison with one and other. Don’t talk to strangers, mind your own business and stay of my lawn. This arrogance creates a community with no common courtesy and the only similarities are those that are physical; a fence that divides property, tall hedges that conceals houses, and shades on every window hiding the individual. People tend to not want to be seen, although they have an urge to observe others in comparison to themselves. When every homestead looks alike, the small differences become a base for competition in wealth and class. Automobiles, landscaping and lawn ornaments are tell tale signs of peoples “status“ in a suburban environment. Although it is only a disguise to cover up insecurities and create a perception to be someone better than thy neighbor. Respect thy neighbor doesn’t seem to fly these days. Only leaving a place like this can expose how people truly like to live in the pastel painted paradise that makes up a modern suburb.

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