Morgan Barrie

Morgan Barrie is an artist and photographer based in the Midwest. She studied at Columbia College Chicago, where she received her BA, and Eastern Michigan University, where she received her MFA in Photography in 2013. This fall she will begin working as an Assistant Professor of Photography and Foundations at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Myth of the Flat World

Landscape can be read as a text, each element revealing a piece of a narrative forged through time. Weeds tell stories of traveling across continents and displacing other species to dominate their new terrain. Cultivated plants have survived and spread through the seduction of human beings, and some animal species are now believed to have partially domesticated themselves. Landscape is something constructed, piece by piece, by these various players.

Myth of the Flat World explores this layering of the environment by following the same basic structure as millefleur tapestries. Each work is assembled flower by flower, the final image containing dozens of individual photographs. Native species mix with non-native and invasive plants, as do human and animal elements.

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